Shin Splints

What is it?

Shin Splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is an overuse injury frequently occurring in weight-bearing sports such as running and jumping. MTSS is characterised by pain from the middle to furthermost end of the tibia (shin bone).

Signs and Symptoms

May include pain on the inside of the lower leg during and after exercise, dull aching type of pain, and pain that usually subsides with rest.

What causes it?

This irritation can be caused by overuse, sudden increase in physical activity, imbalances in lower leg muscles, exercising on hard surfaces, poor biomechanics, flat feet and abnormal hip, knee or foot posture.

How is it treated?

A combination of rest, anti-inflammatory agents, stretching, massage and dry needling. Strengthening program, footwear and orthotics.