Diabetes Assessment

Foot problems can be common in people who have diabetes. Some of the ways in which your feet may be affected include;

  • Loss of sensation to the feet
  • Reduced blood flow
  • Skin is more susceptible to wear and tear
  • Slower wound healing

These problems are all too often detected later than they should be leaving you at risk of diabetic ulcers and more serious health issues can subsequently result.

Therefore, we recommend having your feet assessed regularly by your podiatrist. Our podiatrists will check the quality of blood flow using a Doppler Ultrasound and will be able identify early changes in nerve competency. We will also assess your feet for abnormalities and deformities which can place you at risk of complications.

Wound care is another area our podiatrists are experienced in and can assist you with to ensure your wound heals as quickly as possible.

Compression stockings can may be indicated if your circulation or lymphatics system is deemed inadequate. Our friendly podiatrists can fit you with compression stockings to assist in this area.