Achilles Tendonitis

What is it?

Achilles tendonitis is one of the most common tendon injuries and involves inflammation and degeneration of the tendon at the back of the ankle. It can be very debilitating and is usually associated with swelling and pain

What causes it?

Several factors contribute to Achilles tendonitis and can lead to overuse of the muscle/tendon. Factors include a poorly functioning foot, poor footwear, a sudden increase or change in exercise or work and tight calf muscles and hamstring muscles.

Signs and Symptoms

Common symptoms include pain located at the back of the ankle, at the heel bone and/or moving upwards through the tendon, inflammation and sometimes thickening of the Achilles tendon is visually noticeable.

How is it treated?

Early treatment is the key to successfully treating Achilles tendonitis. Conservative treatment involves management of the inflammation with RICE, a strengthening/stretching exercise program, correction of poor mechanics using orthotics and/or footwear, deep tissue massage, dry needling and in some cases shockwave therapy is indicated.